Darien and Aaron

The Creation of Maruto started with me and my younger brother Aaron watching TV. We always like to play off of stuff from TV it kinda started from Fred Flinstone and then DBZ and then show after show. We played with our toys and used out great imaginations and then one day from school my brother Aaron came with is paper model of Crash Bandicoot from Crash Bandicoot 3 Warped with the leather jacket and sun glasses. Crash was the hit game we always played so about a month or so later we decided to play with our art skills of paper forms instead of toys. Our drawings were terrible at first but year after year we got better. So the first show we did with paper was Dragon Ball Z but we later made our own version called Legend Ball Z that took place 1000 years after Dragon Ball Gt. Naruto was second but I called it Maruto instead and it was word after word from Naruto then my brother joined and made his part Myeato so then we used our own skills mixed with Naruto and made the show Maruto & Myeato.