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Maruto Frankie Uzumaki

First Appearence



Human/Bandicoot Mutant


Myeato Sakura Blare Anamani Brothers Friends Sisters Kajii Kajii

Latest Appearence

Maruto Uzumaki: Battle Blitz


2005 Darien Stanley2006 Darien Stanley 2007 Darien Stanley2008 Darien Stanley2009 Darien Stanley



Date of Birth

August 31, 1994

Maruto Uzumaki

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Maruto Uzuamki

No information

— Maruto  I Won't Let You Win!

Maruto Uzumaki is the Main Protagonist of all the Maruto series with the exception of the Maruto Tekken series despite the title having his name those two series are about Saskue with his past with his family. Maruto gains back his show in "Maruto: Wrath of the Dragon".



Maruto is a young boy who wants to be the "World's Greatest Red Ninja" and is an orphan who doesn't know his parents and had to learn his moves and lifestyle by himself.

Maruto Kingdom Hearts

Maruto is the Chosen one of the powerful keyblade and must destroy the heartless.

Maruto Uzumaki

Maruto was born on Destiny Wumpa Islands along with Sakura and Neji, but Neji  nor Sakura wasn't born on the Wumpa parts of the island only Maruto and this could explain why Maruto is the only one who really likes to eat Wumpa Fruits. Maruto was just an average peace loving boy who just wanted to play but was captured by an evil scientist named Neo Cortex who came to Destiny Wumpa Islands and caused true fear and havoc onto the islands and nearly killing Maruto with one blast from his signiture gun and destoryed half of the island that half being the Destiny part. Maruto was then brought to Cortex's lab where Maruto was experimented by Cortex and another scientist named N. Brio where they tried to make maruto a mutant Bandicoot killing machine instead just just made him a half mutant half human half bandicoot. So now Maruto is super strong, super fast, super skilled, and has a knack for some cool tricks.